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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thanks to Tanya Allen and Choriamb.

Several weeks ago now, I wrote Tanya Allen1, editor of the litblog Choriamb, and informed her that I had added the blog to my sidebar links at the Gilbert Wesley Purdy Online Bibliography. (By far the majority of my links appear there.) I was wondering: Would she be willing to include a reciprocal link in the sidebar of Choriamb?

She asked that I send her a description of the Bibliography, instead, offering to do a piece on it in the blog. The following appeared several days ago:

A writer named Gilbert Purdy recently wrote us about the practice of book reviewing, saying that next to blogging, book reviewing "is the single most effective literary use for the Internet." When he started reviewing, he says,...

Choriamb is a fine piece of work and one of my regular stops. My thanks to Tanya for her kind interest in the Bibliography and Obiter Dicta, both of which are linked-to from the piece.

Tanya Allen's own work appears in Expansive Poetry and Music Online (Gadflies of the State:The changing role of America’s state poet laureates) and Chicklit (Librarian Dolls Defend the Nation!).

1 Tanya Angell Allen, is currently a graduate student in library science in the University of Illinois Online Education Program. She studied poetry at Washington College and Miami University, and has taught creative writing at Miami U. and Albertus Magnus College. She has published opinion editorials and reviews at such places as The New York Times, The Edge City Review, and Pivot.

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