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Sunday, February 27, 2005

How to Remove SearchMiracle/EliteBar

The following is VGS's original "How to Remove SearchMiracle.EliteBar" page. The information and links continue to be valid. It was created before VGS began its ongoing series of "How to Remove... 'detail pages,'" which include detailed file and removal tool information. The regularly updated "How to Remove SearchMiracle.EliteBar" detail page is located >>> Here.

How to Remove (Delete, Uninstall, Get Rid of) SearchMiracle/EliteBar.

Darren_st maintains an informative site on SearchMiracle/EliteBar (also known as ETBRUN) which links to a freeware EliteBar Removal Tool developed by an Italian named Giancarlo Calo. The site provides:

1) background on SearchMiracle ("It was created by a company called Entranet Media who own a web site called the Trojan Downloader will [...] download files from a web site @");
2) a history page giving versions and the dates they were released (a placard informed me that I had the most recent version: "Version 59 (approx 1st January 2005) EliteToolBar");
3) a description of the method of infection it utilizes; and,
4) walks the reader through a process to remove it.

His description of the adware/virus generally squares with what I experienced but I have no way of knowing whether or not it is updated to the latest version of the Startpage trojan. My experience seems to have been slightly different and this may mean that the version I encountered was an upgrade.

Some who have downloaded the EliteBar Removal Tool have posted positive reviews. As always, each reader will have to use his best judgment. I make no representations whatsoever concerning the site or the software.

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