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Monday, February 14, 2005

Many thanks to Mark Woods for citing Whittling Away at the Beast, The Citizen Strikes Back, Obiter Dicta and the Annotated Online Bibliography, in his exceptional blog Wood S Lot. Woods' is a nicely illustrated arts and literature blog covering all periods and places (but, most particularly, Modernist and Post-Modernist Europe and America).

The following new links have recently been posted at the Online Bibliography: Art Journals: Art Newspaper, The; Arts/Lit Blogs: Edward Renehan, The Page, Wood S Lot; Classical Lit/Languages: Classics Pages, Perseus Project, Poesis Latina Hodierna; Cyber Law: Cyberlaw Blog / Stanford U., Law Meme Blog / Yale U.; Publishing Law: Author's Lawyer, Contract Watch, Scriviner's Error. There are hundreds over there, all tolled.

1 comment:

C.E. Petit said...

Thanks for the mention of both and Scrivener's Error, but since they're pretty intricately interlinked that might be a bit much! ;-)