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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Call for Submissions

Re: Rhapsoidia.


The "Cat Calls for Submissions Page" is an new adjunct page to Gilbert Wesley Purdy's Hyperlinked Online Bibliography. Selected calls will first be posted on The Catalyzer Journal's Full RSS feed and the Obiter Dicta Atom feed after which time they will be listed on the "Cat Call for Submisions" page accessible by link from the Online Bibliography. There are presently seven active calls listed on the "Cat Calls for Submission" page.

If you wish to have your own call for submissions posted, contact Gilbert Wesley Purdy at A confirming link may be required in order to post the notice.


Publisher: Private individuals.
Publication: Rhapsoidia (paper magazine)
Genre(s): Poetry and fiction.
Source of Call: Craig's List.
Deadline: May 1, 2005.
Publication Date: Summer 2005.

Comments: "Our fiction tastes lean toward metafiction, magical realism, and experimental or avant garde works, but we are also open to stories that are told or presented in a fresh and innovative manner, regardless of genre.... Our poetry tastes lean in much the same direction as our fiction tastes, metapoetry, experimental, fresh, innovative. Generally we want poetry that emphasizes language over narrative."

Full notice available at:

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