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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hire an Agent, Editor, Ghostwriter, Proofreader, or Web Designer!

- June 24th, 2005 -
Krista Barrett, Owner
A Writer's Digest Best Site of 2002, 2003 & 2005!

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A warm welcome to all my new subscribers and 'welcome back' to my current readers and writers!

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Writer Gazette is now listing the contact details of professionals to help you achieve the 'write' success!

* Contact Name: Bobbie Christmas
Services Available: We improve the marketability of book-length fiction and nonfiction manuscripts and book proposals with line editing, conceptual editing, evaluation, rewriting, ghostwriting, consulting and more.
Contact Email:
Qualifications: I've worked with publishing companies. I know what they want. I'm the author of the definitive textbook on creative writing, double-award-winning Write In Style (Union Square Publishing). I've spent more than 30 years in the industry as author, editor and ghostwriter. See for long list of credentials and references.

* Contact Name: Marie DeMaria
Services Available: Agent
Contact Email:
Qualifications: I am a natural promoter and can help bring the best to you. My website is MDM Promotions. I promote speakers, writers with a special emphasis on metaphysical people.

* Contact Name: Sharon Carmack
Services Available: copy editing, proofreading, content editing, ghostwriting, writing consultant/mentor
Contact: mailto: or mailto:
Website: or
Qualifications: 15 years experience as a nonfiction book editor, magazine editor, and writing instructor. Author of 14 nonfiction books and more than 200 articles and columns. All types of nonfiction accepted, but my specialties are self-help books, family history narratives, memoirs, biographies, and travel narratives. Reliable, accurate, and can meet deadlines.

* Contact Name: Cathy Dean
Services Available: electronic and on-paper editing (major rewrites, copy editing, and proofreading), ghostwriting, critiques, coaching, publisher submission help, book publicity.
Contact: mailto:
Qualifications: We have been a professional editing service for three years and have edited over fifty manuscripts. All our editors have BA's in English and go through editing training. Our editing has helped many authors publish. In fact, our publisher submission package resulted in a multiple book contract for one of our clients.

* Contact Name: Jerine P. Watson
Services Available: Professional Writer/Editor/Proofreader/Ghostwriter/Screenplay/Resume Writer, too!
Contact Email:, 425-793-5434
Qualifications: Over 20 year's experience, gifted with exceptional creative ability and diligent reliability. Fair prices, personal attention to your ms, references, full time writer, here for your needs. Expert critiquing included with content editing. Website link included and resume attached.

* Contact Name: Donna J. Warner, Warner Ferris Editorial Services
Services Available: Re-writing, Structural Editing,
Copy Editing, Proofreading
Contact Email:
Qualifications: Our editors have 25+ years of experience as editors in private, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. Our senior editor has ten years of experience in teaching college-level courses in Business English, Word Processing, Business Communications, and Job Search. We specialize in editorial services for educational resources and corporate/business communications.

* Contact Name: Rachel Thomson, Thomson Editing Services
Services Available: Editing, Proofreading, Ghostwriting
Contact Email:
Qualifications: My slogan is "Making Your Voice Clear." I help my clients say what they want to say in the best way possible. I work with nonfiction and most genres of fiction, with special expertise in writing for a Christian market. Email for information on rates and services.

* Contact Name: Fat Plum
Services Available: Personal coaching via private sessions and small group workshops.
Contact email:
Qualifications: As published authors and acclaimed workshop leaders, we provide clear, concise, encouraging feedback and guidance for any writing project. We've helped clients complete first drafts, polish later drafts and find agents. See our website for detailed description, bios, credentials and other services.


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