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Friday, March 18, 2005

EliteBar By Any Other Name

The following listing, which appears in the page of the Spyware Guide, seems like a good way to make people aware of the variety of names under which one or another variation of tool bar is offered by Enternet Media, Inc. or its affiliates. A number of these tool bars are offered as freeware with a EULA which is intended to leave the company at liberty to perform a number of vaguely described functions via the User's computer with legal liability wholly transferred to / residing with the User.

Full Name: EliteBar Websearch
Type: Adware
Also Known as: EliteToolBar[,] Elite Bar Search Miracle[,] SearchMiracle EliteBar[,] EM Toolbar[,] Enternet Media Toolbar[,] EliteBar Internet Explorer Toolbar.
Danger Level: 6 [Explain]
Official Description: Adware: Program that creates advertisments on your Pc. [Read complete listing.]

My personal experience and the results of a wide range of searches indicate that the EliteBar/SearchMiracle version should be rated "Danger Level: 8" by the Spyware Guide's own rating criteria.

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