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Friday, March 25, 2005 different the world has become!

Reviewed by Gilbert W. Purdy

Secrets of Weather and Hope
by Sue Sinclair
Brick Books, 2001

Mortal Arguments
by Sue Sinclair
Brick Books, 2003

In November of 1920, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote to the Princess Maria von Thurn und Taxis-Hohenlohe, from Schloss Berg, Switzerland, of his unexpected good fortune:

I live alone in the solid, centuries-old stone house, alone with a housekeeper who cares for me as silently as I silently let myself be cared for; a deserted park opening on the quiet landscape, no railway station in the neighborhood and for the present, furthermore, a lot of roads closed on account of foot-and-mouth
disease – donc, retraite absolue [thus, a perfect retreat]. [1]

A dread outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease had struck the Berg. He was stranded, quarantined. The rare combination of solitude and surroundings he so constantly sought were forced upon him.... [con't].

Source>The Danforth Review.

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