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Friday, March 18, 2005

Yup Search Addendum

The search entries that generally bring people to O.D. would seem to make it clear that many fail to understand that YupSearch connects to the same adverstising search engine as SearchMiracle. It is merely SearchMiracle by another name. Both are front-pages for the base search engine which, those afflicted will note, does not display a unique url. Only the colors of the front-pages are different. Click any link on the "search engine directory page" of YupSearch or SearchMiracle and you go directly to exactly the same page. There is no actual directory. The "directory listings" are merely a canned search engine entries.

When the EliteBar adware is downloaded into a computer, SearchMiracle loads up key-word links to the base search engine in texts loaded up in the Internet Explorer browser. YupSearch, on the other hand, detects when "404" pages ("page not found") load up into the browser and redirects the browser to the base search engine in their place.

Now the matter will be even a bit more confusing. The YupSearch front page now appears at a new url: That is to say, now SearchMiracle, YupSearch and AudioSeek are all the names of front-pages for the advertising search engine that is presently the scourge of the Internet.

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