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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunbelt Tangles with NetNucleus

Sunbelt Software has received a letter from Rinaldo Cartaya, the Mirar Brand Manager at NetNucleus (the maker of the Mirar Toolbar), dated 14 December 2006, which they have posted in a PDF file here. The letter claims that Sunbelt has "misrepresented" the Mirar Toolbar by referring to it as "Adware". According to Mr. Cartaya, toolbar is a "bona fide search tool". Legal action is threatened if immediate action is not taken to remove the said "misrepresentation" from Sunbelt's site and software.

Happily, Sunbelt took the time to craft a detailed response to Cartaya's representation of his product. That response (also a PDF file posted at the Sunbelt blog), forwarded to Cartaya via Sunbelt's corporate counsel, Frederick Cooper, III, provides an excellent overview of how the Mirar Toolbar is generally installed and (only partially) uninstalled. Among the numerous examples of how the BHO can be installed, the following:

For a substantial part of 2006, the Mirar toolbar was distributed with screensavers and other freebie applications from TeamTaylorMade at web sites such as,,, and large download sites such as These bundleware packages included the Mirar toolbar until some time in late November or early December of 2006.

Still further, TeamTaylorMade's software packages were themselves distributed by MediaMotor through its own web sites such as Additionally, TeamTaylorMade screensavers were offered for download at a variety of other third-party web sites.

Whether installing TeamTaylorMade's freebie software or the larger bundle of adware applications from MediaMotor, users were typically given little or no notice that the Mirar toolbar would be installed on their computers. As a result, TeamTaylorMade and MediaMotor have been the subject of a number of complaints, including a critical report by StopBadware.org1 as well as a complaint by the Federal Trade Commission2, which successfully secured court injunctions against both MediaMotor and TeamTaylorMade that prohibit the defendants from installing adware and spyware on users' PCs or using deceptive installation practices.

Sunbelt's is a particularly informative letter and well worth the read.

The following contact information is gleaned from the above letters:

Mr. Rinaldo Cartaya
Mirar Brand Manager
NetNucleus Corp.
80 Bloor Street
15th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2V1
Telephone: (416) 238-5405 Ext. 215

Perhaps VGS readers will want to contact Mr. Cartaya with their comments about his product.

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Joel M. Cochran said...

I'm looking into filing a civil suit against NetNucleus; with a settlement of closing their doors, and removing all content via web that is affiliated with NetNucleus' products and services.

If you would like to jump in on this civil suit, contact me @ for more information. The more the better; any proof of infections, logs, screenshots, files that were installed (dates from back when, or current). All this information is helpful. Any bit of information or documentation regarding this company will be appreciated; Lets put an end to this company once and for all.

Joel M. Cochran said...

Funny screenshot of removal setup downloaded from net nucleus website that allows you to complain the affiliated company that distributed this product. ID 876980