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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Ben Regenspan has sent an e-missive to let me know that some of the changes on my wish-list for the Online Bibliography have been loaded-up and another is on the way pending discussion of the details. Not only does this remind me to mention Ben's Catalyst News Editor's Blog, but it reminds me just how much there is to do in order to get the Bibliography and Obiter Dicta operating at some meaningful fraction of their potential. It is going to be a busy week and the blog entries are likely to be on the functional side.

For today, I will pass along some further GWP links:

Most recent article: "Where the Strange Worlds of Fundamentalism and Homelessness Meet." The Catalyzer Journal.
Most Recent Review: "The Citizen Strikes Back." The Catalyzer Journal.
Present Number 1 Google Listing: "A T'Ang Canon". Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.

For a slew of new links to interesting and/or practical sites, check out the Bibliography's spiffy new sidebar. I will be mulling over Obiter Dicta's "linking philosophy" as I grapple with its technical aspects.

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